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Karsten Gareis
Photo Karsten Gareis
Project manager and senior researcher
Special subjects
New forms of work organisation, eWork, eLearning, urban and regional development, Information Society, statistical indicators, sustainability, eBusiness
Professional training
Study of Geography, Economics and Developmental Sociology at the University of Bonn (1989-1996), Dipl.-Geographer
Professional experience
With empirica since August 1996.
Current focus
Coordinator of TRANSFORM, a 30-month pan-European project on territorial innovation cultures and their influence on regions’ success in the Knowledge Society. Responsibility for research on eLearning and lifelong learning in the eUSER project, which focuses on user orientation of online services of public interest. Coordination of empirica contribution to network4value, a research study for DG Information Society of the European Commission (New Work Environments Unit). This work explored empirical evidence and indicators on drivers, uptake, success factors and outcomes of ICT-based, collaborative new forms or work organisation. Basic research on advancing statistical measurement of phenomena related to the Knowledge Society.